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Pacer 143 612 operates for the first time in preservation

The video shows the Vale of Berkeley's pacer 143 612 operating at the Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway (LMMR).

143 612 was delivered from St Phillips Marsh in 2020 to a haulage yard in the midlands before being moved to the LMMR, as such it has not previously operated under its own power in preservation.

Thanks go to everyone involved in the project so far and also our friends at the LMMR who have always given us a friendly welcome and support, most recently diagnosing the fault with the brake release on the DMS car allowing full operation. If you get a chance to visit the LMMR it is a fascinating site with a number of 3 pacers, a Bubble Car, some shunters, ex Island Line underground stock and part of the cab yard collection. Details can be found on their website HERE.


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