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Our locations

Berkeley Station

Construction of the original Berkeley Station started in 1874 and was completed in 1876. The station closed in 1964 and was sadly demolished in 1976.  A dedicated volunteer team has thoroughly excavated and examined the foundations, unearthing many architectural parts and artefacts.  We plan to build a new Berkeley Station close to the original site.  

A group of cyclists outside Berkeley Station some time in the late 1950's

Cyclists at Berkeley Station 

The Planet locomotive outside the shed at Sharpness

Planet at the Shed

The Old Engine House

Formerly the Sharpness Docks diesel locomotive shed and now our HQ and engineering /restoration facility.  Here we run our administration and use our comprehensively equipped workshop to restore and fabricate parts for our rolling stock and to fulfil engineering contracts for a variety of customers.

Oldminster Sidings

The old freight exchange sidings near the docks, abandoned by British Rail in the 1990s and now cleared of decades of vegetation by our volunteers.  With re-laid track and purpose-built workshop/rolling stock storage facilities, this will be our operational base and the first VoBR trains will run from here.

An aerial view of  Oldminster Sidings

Drone view of Oldminster Sidings

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