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Our vision

Our long term vision is to bring back rail services to the old Sharpness branch line and enable people to learn about the impact the railways had in the local area.

Our focus for the next five years will be building our rail experience centre at Oldminster Sidings.  Our vision is that by 2030, as a visitor you can enjoy the hands-on experience of riding in a brake van behind a steam or diesel engine – which maybe you can even drive.  You might like to try pulling the levers that make signals work, browse through our museum displays or just watch it all happen from the comfort of your picnic bench in the sun. And yes, the sun does shine in Sharpness!

Achieving our vision will involve a number of phases.  The first phase is to build and relocate to an operational base at Oldminster Sidings.  This project consists of four steps:

  • Oldminster site establishment

  • Creating a locomotive and rolling stock shed and unloading facility

  • Refurbishing the railway lines to running standards

  • Our physical move from the Engine Shed

This first phase is underway and you can read more about it here

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