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CEGB No 1 Andrew Barclay Works No 2126 0-4-0F

CEGB No 1 Andrew Barclay Works No 2126 0-4-0F

Awaiting decision on approach to restoration

This fireless locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay and delivered new in May 1942 to Castle Mead Power Station at Gloucester where it carried the No 1.

The locomotive initially shunted coal wagons from the wharf by the river near Gloucester lock. Later coal came to the power station via the main railway system, and the locomotive was used to shunt wagons around the site. It was used at Castle Mead until 1969 when the plant closed.

In 1973 the locomotive passed to the Dowty Railway Preservation Society and in 1988 the British Waterways Museum at Gloucester Docks, where it was cosmetically restored.

The locomotive was gifted to the Vale of Berkeley Railway in 2022.

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