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Ruston 0-4-0 Shunter 210479

Updated: Feb 7

This lovely little Shunter has been purchased from the S&DRT at Washford.

Here it is alongside our Fireless Locomotive, by Andrew Barclay number 2126

This engine has Rustons own 4VPHL engine of approximately 12 litres.

It is started by injecting compressed air into the cylinders via a distributor to send the air to each cylinder in turn.

Once started it runs an onboard compressor to recharge the starting Air cylinder to 300psi.

The drive is taken through a gearbox of Ruston unique design, incorporating 6 clutches, One each for forward & Reverse, and one each for the 4 speeds. These are all operated by oil pressure from a pump in the gearbox.

The drive to the axles is via heavy Duplex chains. one to each axle.

Compressed air for braking and horns is from the same compressor charging air cylinders beneath the cab floor.

This front view clearly shows the flameproof headlight. This is repeated at the rear. It also has horns front and rear.

Since being at Sharpness it has been unseized, and started.

We are now busy cleaning it and treating the various rusty areas prior to freshening up the paintwork.

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