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Ruston gearbox progress

The machine shop has finished the collar that was being made to replace the one in the Ruston gearbox that was a bit “chewed up “

This has enabled the front clutch flange, bevel gear and shaft, and its bearings, to be re-assembled on the bench. The photo shows the new piece in position. The old one is on the bench bottom of picture,

The clutch friction plates slide over the large splined piece.

To fit this to the gearbox some of the drive parts attached to the engine flywheel had to be removed.

Then as the clutch housing and plates were being re-assembled it was realised that the intermediate plates and the pressure plate were all marked to get them the right way round and in the right position. They are a close sliding fit inside the housing and slide on four keys attached to the inside of the housing. The plates we had didn’t fit properly so we realised that the wrong ones had been fitted to the rear clutch which was already assembled. So now to dismantle that one and swap them over.


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