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More on the 5 plank Wagon

All the timbers are removed now to reveal the bare chassis. In places it has wasted away quite badly. Many of the rivets have lost their heads due to corrosion. The team have managed to extract the buffers on one end, and also the large horizontal leaf spring that acts on the buffers and the main drag linkage. this is a large spring with 14 leaves and is badly corroded. It has now been needle gunned, wire brushed, and painted with bitumastic paint ready for reinstalling.

This is the spring at the other end still in situ. You can see how bad it looks at the moment.

Previously all the 4 axle springs have been re furbished and are ready to be re-fitted.

Several of the spring hangers are badly corroded so will need replacing or repairing.

There is also excessive slack in the horn guides that will need addressing


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